fahrenheit - only you cover
Single – Only You
Releasedate: 2009.03.18

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03. ONLY YOU (Instrumental)
04. デジャヴをみつめてる (Instrumental)


Fahrenheit - Love You More And More Cover
Vol.3 Love You More and More

Release Date: 2009-01-06
Language: Mandarin
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Publisher: HIM International Music Inc.

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01 動脈 Dong Mai (Artery)
02 越來越愛 Yue Lai Yue Ai (Love You More and More)
03 寂寞暴走 Ji Mo Bao Zou (Lonesome Sprint)
04 恆星 Heng Xing (Shining Star)
05 默默 Mo Mo (Silently)
06 最佳聽衆 Zui Jia Ting Zhong (The Best Listener)
07 留下來 Liu Xia Lai (Stay With Me)
08 孤單摩天輪 Gu Dan Mo Tian Lun (Lonely Ferris Wheel)
09 雨是眼淚 Yu Shi Yan Lei (Rain and Tear)
10 你應該被珍惜 Ni Ying Gai Bei Zhen Xi (Cherish)


Fahrenheit - two-sided cover
Vol.2 Two-Sided Fahrenheit

Release Date: 2008-01-11
Language: Mandarin
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Publisher: HIM International Music Inc.

Two-Sided Fahrenheit (traditional Chinese: 双面飛輪海; pinyin: Shuāng Miàn Fēi Lún Hǎi) is the 2nd album of the popular Chinese/Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit, released on January 4, 2008. The album preorder sales reached 50,000 in Taiwan. The album sold 150,000 copies from preorders and as of date, sold over 350,000 copies Asia wide. The album topped the G-Music Combo Chart and the Mandarin

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1. 新窩 Xin Wo (New Home) – featuring S.H.E
2. 為你存在 Wei Ni Cun Zai (Existing For You)
3. 出神入化 Chu Shen Ru Hua (Superb)
4. 不會愛 Bu Hui Ai (Cannot Love)
5. Ti Amo (I Love You) – Aaron Yan & Liu Li Yang duet
6. 愛的王道 Ai De Wang Dao (Love’s Royalty)
7. 心理有數 Xin Li You Shu (In Our Hearts We Know)
8. 明日香 Ming Ri Xiang (Tomorrow’s Fragrance)
9. 至少還有我 Zhi Shao Hai You Wo (At Least You Still Have Me)
10. 一萬個快樂 Yi Wan Ge Kuai Le (Ten Thousand Joys)
11. 小小大人物 Xiao Xiao Da Ren Wu (Little VIP)
12. 新窩 Xin Wo (New Home) – 男生宿舍版 Nan Sheng Su She Ban – Male Students’ Dormitory Version
13. 超喜歡你 Chao Xi Huan Ni (Really Like You)

  1. #1 by jhaz on December 10, 2009 - 6:52 am

    …hey fahrenheit!!!
    i just want to say that i’m your no. 1 fan here in the philippines!!
    i’m planning to go to taiwan so that i could see you all..
    hoping to here more new songs from your band…
    ..’.GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!

  2. #2 by Rovelyn on December 22, 2009 - 4:31 am

    you guys Rock!! even though I don’t understand Chinese, I still love your music…..

  3. #3 by Mira on March 22, 2010 - 1:34 pm

    Yup, they sure sing really good.I love these guys though I barely understand a few words in Chinese…I can tsill get the right emotion from their songs.

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