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Mirotic Could Be Banned Again? (AGAIN?!?)

dbsk mirotic

The local court in Seoul had ordered The Youth Protection Committee (under The Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs) to lift the ban on DBSK’s 4th album Mirotic that had been imposed since December of last year for lewd content on 1st April. If you, like me, thought that was the end of the story, think again.

mirotic fourth album_dbsk_cover1

On the same day that the ruling was passed, The Youth Protection Committee fought back claiming that it would appeal against the decision and would be submitting the papers again to make sure that the ban stood. This past Thursday on 9th April, the committee had an emergency meeting and again came to a consensus that the lyrics of Mirotic were inappopriate for teenagers. They are now going to the High Court.

So it looks like this case isn’t going to go away that easily. But what’s the point really when most of their fans have already gotten their copy and it has been more than 6 months since the album was first released. Surely the ministy have better things to do? If you go to the ministry’s website, their slogan says ‘realize a society where all people are healthy and happy‘. They are certainly trying very hard.

There was good and bad news for fans of DBSK who took to the stage together with Shinee, Lee Min Woo, Yuri and Lee Ji Hoon for the 2009 Sparkling Concert in Seoul Spring. DBSK was the last to perform on the night and thanks to the lifting of the ban, fans were able to hear their idols perform Mirotic in its original form. Sadly, this could be the last time seeing DBSK perform the original version of Mirotic unless the appeal by The Youth Protection Committee fails to impress the High Court.

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Ah!a never ending story?when will they ever stop?just drop it whoever makes a big fuss out of it….


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DBSK perform original Mirotic after so long :) [edited+vid]

dbsk mirotic

[My Daily] For the first time after the ban to Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th album, MIROTIC was lifted, MIROTIC was sung in its original lyrics on local stage.

Dong Bang Shin Ki on April 12th, at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium participated in “2009 Sparkling Concert in Spring Seoul”, along with Lee Min Woo, Lee Ji Hoon, and SHINee. They performed the original version of MIROTIC after a long time.

MIROTIC was banned for its lyrics interpretation by Youth Protection Committe under the Health and Family Welfare department, and to perform it on broadcast media, there were couple of rules need to be followed. However, SM entertainment for TVXQ already won the lawsuit case, as court decided that MIROTIC’s lyrics didn’t contain harmful meaning being accused, thus the song can be introduced to the youth again.

Due to the court judgement, MIROTIC activity is free again on domestic stage. Wearing white suits, the five members of Dong Bang Shin Ki who had performed the modified version of MIROTIC for a long time, finally could do the original version one.

Meanwhile, as The Youth Protection Commitee is not satisfied by the result of the court and their decision that the lyrics is harmful for children remains, they’re going to appeal the case to the higher court, yet again.

090412 DBSK – “Jumun MIROTIC” Sparkling Concert


source: My Daily
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Loving Junsu’s “breaking my rules AGAIN!”
And of course…CHangmin’s scream…
Mirotic is really addictive…best tvxq song for me!!!
wish I was there at the concert!!T_T

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Government Appeals to Define TVXQ’s Mirotic ‘Lewd’,


Asian pop sensation TVXQ’s song “Mirotic” is under scrutiny once again as regulators are set to determine whether the phrase “I got you under my skin” is lewd.

The Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs said Thursday that it will appeal to a high court against a local court’s scrapping the song from “harmful material for youth list”. The Youth Protection Committee, under the ministry, held an emergency meeting the same day and confirmed that the lyrics were inappropriate for teenagers to listen to.

The decision comes after the Seoul Administrative Court ruled the committee had to rescind its order to the group to change some of the lyrics when singing on stage and put stickers on CDs indicating the album was banned from sale to those under 19.

The committee said last November that the song was harmful to the young since its lyrics, “You want me, you give yourself up to me, you’re mad at me” and “I got you under my skin”, may imply sexual acts.

SOURCE: asianfanatics

a never ending issue -_-
won’t they ever leave it alone…seriously…drop it!


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DBSK’s Mirotic Ban Lifted [updated]

tvxq perf mirotic

Very soon, you will be able to see DBSK’s Mirotic being played on tv, radio in the original version and no more “19-only” stickers affixed on their Mirotic album.

In a ruling just passed this morning, the Seoul Court has ordered the Commission of Youth Protection to lift the ban that they had imposed on DBSK’s 4th album Mirotic last November after ruling that it was harmful and detrimental to youths because of the “objectionable” lyrics. This was followed by restricting Mirotic from being played on tv and radio and only allowing those above 19 to buy the album from stores. But the ruling seemed to be rather retarded since most of the fans have already gotten the album before the ruling was passed.

In order to minimize the impact to DBSK’s promotion for Mirotic, SM Entertainment made changes to the lyrics and the Mirotic clean version was used during performances:

I got you became I chose you
under my skin became under my sky

But SM Entertainment didn’t admit defeat and filed an appeal on 15th December, hoping to get the ban lifted and it has taken almost 4 months for the ban to be lifted. Kind of late considering it’s already April 2009 now and DBSK has since moved on with their career in Japan.

cr: coolsmurf@allkpop

mirotic fourth album_dbsk_cover1

April 1st, 2009 at 10 am at Seoul Administrative Court in Seocho-dong (chief judge by Kim Hong-do) was held the case-court of SM Entertainment againts South Korea Youth Protection Committee regarding the banning of TVXQ’s 4th album “MIROTIC”.

The judges: Kim Hong-do, Park Jae Young, and Yi Yong-woo finally win SM Entertainment with the statement, “The ban over MIROTIC on last November 27th will be canceled, and trial of the defendant shall bear the cost.”

For a flash back, November 27th last year, TVXQ’s MIROTIC was judged by South Korea Youth Protection Committe for having harmful lyrics. Some lyrics in MIROTIC song such as “Red Ocean” was interpreted as woman’s hymen, “Crystal” as sperm, and “Under My Skin” as having sex.

Ever since the judgement stated, MIROTIC album which has been already surpassed 500,000 copies sales so far, could not be sold freely as there was a yellow tape on it with “SOLD TO OVER 18″ printed and the under 18 Cassiopeia would never grab the album without their parents with them. As for the performance, MIROTIC song can only be performed after 10 pm in all TV stations.

However, SM Entertainment did not just give up to such situation. SM spoke person insisted that even before the song was released, they already gave South Korea Youth Protection Committee the print out lyrics together with the lyricist’s interpretation to it (which more pointing to “a desire of love” then just simply “lust”) and The Committee itself had approved. So why did they bring up the case then?

Due to that reason, SM Entertainment made their way to hold the case to court on December 15th, 2008. For this, SM Entertainment is recorded as the first artists management company who ever fights back to government’s judgment.

Seems that SM Entertainment did the right thing though, by the court’s judgment, they’re going to turn the table now.

The court wins SM by noticing that standards used by Committee are ambiguous, also for being too late in applying the ban. MIROTIC album was already sold hundreds of copies when the ban applied.

Experts commented to this case, “The youngsters in 2009 and youngsters in 1979 can’t be compared. They’re definitely different. That’s why to accommodate the width and the range was too wide. I can’t agree by the saying that there’s sexual implications in ‘MIROTIC’.”

The producer, Park Si-Hyeokssi also said, “If there’s any part of the lyrics which is said as having problems, then it should present clear criteria. The standards of the committee members can not be agreed on common sense level, then the lyrics should be appropriate,” he added “The unavailability of creative element in the review is disturbing”.

cr: minsarang@wp

Totally agree…it’s kind of late but hey that’s a bit of good news isn’t it?
TVXQ fighting!!…& SM Entertainment too…^_^


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DBSK/TVXQ 동방신기 Mirotic 미로틱 락 (rock) Remake by Royal Pirates 로얄P.

Mirotic Remake by Royal Pirates(fading from dawn)

ORIGINAL: Dong Bang Shin Ki
REMAKE: Royal Pirates 로얄P.
***Download the MP3 version of the songs on purevolume.  (

cr: fadingfromdawn @ YT

Honestly, they’re good!^_^

Saw this remake of Mirotic by them and decided to share it to you guys….teehee

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SC’s Under My Skin or TVXQ’s Mirotic? [re-post]

Sarah Connor’s Under My Skin MV

cr: vanie33233 @ YT

TVXQ’s Mirotic MV

cr: alissa95350 @ YT

SM Entertainment and Sarah Connor’s side bought the song from the same writer of the song. They did their own versions. And no one copied from anyone. It is very hard to determine who released first as well.

-_- Does it matter anyway? It’s just that SC’s fans keep bashing Mirotic and Cassies’ bash Under My Skin. I WAS guilty [of bashing her] 😦

So let’s see…which do you like better and comment if you may…NO BASHING!!!PLEASE TRY NOT TO…okies??

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Funny EunTeuk @ SUKIRA 03.25.09 [Mirotic-DBSK version]

Leeteuk and Eunhyuk imitating Changmin’s scream & the original

cr: kirraTwELF @ YT

FULL video at Sukira [250309] MIrotic – DBSK

cr: only13suju @ YT

Puahahaha!!!TOO FUNNY!!hahahaha!!!

They’re so adorkable XD especially Leeteuk!!

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